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The Mezzanine is a  full service music production and media company located in the heart of Hollywood, California.

Our team focuses on creating cutting-edge records while catering to each artists’ individuality. Our studio is comprised of world-class, industry-standard equipment and software, ensuring our clients’ records will sound on-par with major label artists’ songs.

We believe in the power of a great song. We are passionate about the music we work on, so our clients can rest assured that we won’t stop until we hear perfection. Meticulous and dedicated, we are serious about making sure our artists leave with records that support their creative vision.

The Mezzanine’s creative team is credited with working with some of the industry’s most notable artists, as well as undiscovered, independent talent that we believe in.  Check out our Artists page to view the list of professional artists we’ve worked with.

Here at The Mezzanine, we specialize in all aspects of professional music production, such as the highest quality recording services, songwriting and composing. We can also help newer artists in artist branding, online artist marketing, music video production and artist promotional photography.  Prior to your involvement with us, our creative team can meet with you in person or via Skype to determine your needs to effectively bring your vision to life.  We are ALL about knowing your vision, not about the clock–meaning our artists enjoy a non-pressured collaborative work flow so that you leave here really excited about your project.

The number one objective here at The Mezzanine is simple–to make great records with really great artists.  We’ve been honored to work with top major label artists in the past, and we’ve loved working with the passionate and new independent artist on the block.

We believe in the underdog.  Let us know your thoughts, concerns, ideas, goals, and we’d be happy to be that milestone to help you on your way to reaching your dreams.


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